Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Delhi -- through bylanes and opportunities

Sunday (09 july) was walking day through the bylanes of Mehrauli and stunning ASI monuments were there in offerring, its also sad to see that govt is not able to clean the area and spent around 50cr which could turn this stretch into excellent MICE venue in terms of events and gala dinner you can have 10k guest dining @ one place which is rare in India... shame on Govt and kudos to creater of these monuments it also gives us the excellent business opportunities as we can offer open restaurant , shopping villages , entertainment parks , water bodies , and many more creations though I am of the opinion that we do not need Disney or Universal in India as we are already very rich we need to create awareness that tourism is their bread earner as money creation is largely to bigger players only from tourism in India we need wealth creation through tourism and excellent example is Joburg and Durban where crime rate has gone down as tourism flourishes there..

Let India be super power in tourism in next 20 years...