Tuesday, 9 August 2011


This is further to my previous blog where i have strongly advocate the creation of entertainment options in tourist destinations, In many part of India we have seen that with great entertainment option coming up entire destination becomes synonymous with these creation.. here is an beautiful article in TOI about Singapore and emphasising that there is lot more things to do in Singapore than Sentosa, (Now i called this the wow impact as with just once sentosa Singapore has turned into Sentosa destination where as Singapore was leading tourism destination earlier also but impact of RW is so eminent that leading newspapers like TOI has to publish this article.

Its again time to wake up and make a move towards making India popular destination.

Thursday, 4 August 2011


As we progressed for the vibrant Inbound season and adding glory to all airlines by filling them to the core while flying out of India, one has to admit that weather in these Far east countries are not far better than India and almost nil historical site to offer but still they continue to atteact multiple no of tourist than India. We seriousely have to think that Indian authorties are still indecisive about the strategy to promote tourism in India and they are not able to choose the path for the same. I have been fortunate to visit SIN/MAL in recent days and we must adopt their approach for the growth of tourism, there are many factors responsible for slow growth of tourism in India and one of the major facor is lack of entertainment options apart from high hotel rates and lack of quality human resource.

In Indian prespective entertainment in tourism spots are limited to massage and "exotic" night life only but on a serious note we are no where near to these places in providing entertainment options for our visitors, either we visit sites and stay in hotel and no lifestyle to follow in hot spots.

This is the time that govt allow free hand for casinos / entertainment zone / theme park etc to boost tourism, just to give idea revenue earn by Singapore through only 02 casinos are more than $5000mn and continue to grow,.. this is just one of the option as casino is gambling but involved lot of other entertainment options also.

Also face the fact that we are not in a position to hold a big conference or seminar and put entire India luxury banquets @ one side and they are no where close to Sentosa banqueting alone, this is very sad and aplogetic situation for nation of 1bn+ .

In my view focus should be on quality accommodation (Chennai is providing quality accom even in one star hotels) @ reasonably good price and must offer some real good entertainment to tourist.

Also make a target to getting either Disney or Universal Studio in India by 2015...

Cheers for tough present and great future (at least for OBT & DOM)